Jumat, 18 November 2016

How to abort With Young Pineapple

How to abort With Young Pineapple - In our article penggugur kandungan this time we will discuss how little pineapple can be used as one way to terminate the pregnancy and it is true pineapple fruit can be used as an alternative for those looking for a natural abortion drug.

So for those of you who want to abort the pregnancy dikarnakan maybe this one is not being diingin you can try the pineapple abort with one ini.Cara abort With Young Pineapple

Young pineapple usefulness is already well known to cause a pregnant woman had a miscarriage. Usually for pregnant women with gestational age of 1 to 8 weeks can experience a miscarriage only to consume young pineapple. The way is also quite easy anyway. Only by taking young pineapple in this way make drinks or consumed directly can be made in the way of abortion With Young Pineapple fairly efficient.

How to abort With Young Pineapple

Dangers of abortion With Pineapple
Before you decide to resolve the problem by way of abortion With this Young Pineapple how good you know in advance whether the danger - the danger posed if you consume excessive pineapple in a vulnerable short time. Here is the danger:

Liver damage

Of course the way abort with pineapple can cause liver damage is quite serious. It dikarnakan thermal properties of young pineapple fruit you consume.

Organ Damage Kidneys

Then damage other organs will occur in the kidneys, so its function can not work properly and it will worsen your condition after an abortion.

Erosion of the intestinal wall and the stomach

If you consume young pineapple in excess and in a relatively short time can cause intestinal and stomach walls eroded. This will menimbulkanb wound on the obat peluntur kandungan two parts of the body, these wounds can certainly be dangerous for your safety.

Thus our article that discusses how to abort the young pineapple and also the dangers of eating too much pineapple fruit. The choice is in your hand. However, we recommend to perform the abortion process with use of medication abortion are certainly safe for the safety of you and your partner.